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RNA processing and modification protein, carbon catabolite repression 4 (Ccr4), arrests the cell cycle through p21-dependent and p53-independent pathway

X Yi, M Hong, B Gui, Z Chen, L Li, G Xie, J Liang… - Journal of Biological …, 2012 - ASBMB

… Cultures in the well plates were measured at different time points by the CloneSelect TM Imager system (Genetix Ltd., New Milton, UK) and returned to the incubator … The percentage of cell confluence was measured every 24 h by the CloneSelect TM Imager system …

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Accurate non-invasive image-based cytotoxicity assays for cultured cells

P Marqués-Gallego, H den Dulk… - BMC …, 2010 -

… Here we show that both the CloneSelect Imager and the MTT approach result in comparable EC50 values when assaying the cytotoxicity of cisplatin and oxaliplatin on various cell lines … (A) measure with the MTT assay and (B) measure with the CloneSelect Imager system …

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A high-throughput automated platform for the development of manufacturing cell lines for protein therapeutics

S Shi, RGG Condon, L Deng, J Saunders… - JoVE (Journal of …, 2011 -

… Implementation of BD FACS Aria Cell Sorter, CloneSelect Imager and TECAN Freedom EVO liquid handling system has demonstrated significantly increased processing capacity in cell line development with improved cell line quality and high reproducibility. Cite this Article …

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Single-Cell Printing for Establishing Monoclonality: Utilizing Microfluidics and Imaging to Improve the Cell-Line Development Workflow

S Al-Bassam, S Wiltgen - Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology …, 2017 -

… Images of single cells captured on the SCP provide high assurance of monoclonality through direct visual evidence (Figure 3). This has been validated by capturing images of the same cells post-printing with the CloneSelect Imager (an automated, label-free imager) …

Iron chelation inhibits cancer cell growth and modulates global histone methylation status in colorectal cancer

LL Cao, H Liu, Z Yue, L Liu, L Pei, J Gu, H Wang, M Jia - Biometals, 2018 - Springer

… Briefly, LoVo and HCT116 cells were treated with DFO separately at different doses, and then the cell confluences were determined using a Genetix CloneSelect Imager (Genetix, UK) every 24 h. Each experiment was performed three times, and growth curves were generated …

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Strategies for clone detection, selection and isolation in Per. C6 cells-case for Rebmab100

FP Yeda, ML dos Santos, LR Tsuruta… - BMC …, 2013 -

… Cellular growth was assessed in plates, 96, 24 or 6-well plates, either by CloneSelect Imager (Molecular Devices) or Guava EasyCyte cytometer (Merck-Millipore). Antibody titers were measured by Biacore T100 (GE Healthcare, Sweden) …

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Daucosterol inhibits cancer cell proliferation by inducing autophagy through reactive oxygen species-dependent manner

C Zhao, T She, L Wang, Y Su, L Qu, Y Gao, S Xu, S Cai… - Life sciences, 2015 - Elsevier

… Then colony formation assay was performed as described in detail previously [4]. Cell confluencewas imaged and calculated by CloneSelect Imager (Molecular Device) … Cell confluence was analyzed by CloneSelect Imager and presented as mean ± SD from triplicate samples …

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High-throughput white-light imaging of adherent cells

JF Burke, H Latham - 2007 - … , 4 CRINAN ST, LONDON N1 9XW …

Sarsaparilla (Smilax Glabra Rhizome) extract inhibits migration and invasion of cancer cells by suppressing TGF-β1 pathway

T She, C Zhao, J Feng, L Wang, L Qu, K Fang, S Cai… - PLoS …, 2015 -

… before being seeded into matrigel pre-coated 96-well plates at the density of 2×10 4 per well and allowed to adhere for 2 h. After removing non-adherent cells by PBS, adherent cells were photographed with the CloneSelect Imager system (Molecular Devices, Sunnyvale, CA) …

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Rapid selective in situ screening of hybridomas in semi-solid medium

A Chuntharapai, CJ Mann, S Watters… - SBS meeting, St …, 2008 -

… goat anti-human IgG (2.0µg/ ml), incubated with human Fc-tagged antigen (0.4µg/ml), incubated with the conditioned media samples, and then probed with HRP sheep anti-mouse IgG and TMB • The ELISA data were corrected for cell density using CloneSelect Imager (Genetix …

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