ClonePix 2 System

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High-throughput ClonePix FL analysis of mAb-expressing clones using the UCOE expression system

JJC Hou, BS Hughes, M Smede, KM Leung, K Levine… - New biotechnology, 2014 - Elsevier

Therapeutic recombinant monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are commonly produced by high-expressing, clonal, mammalian cells. Creation of these clones for manufacturing remains heavily reliant on stringent selection and gene amplification, which in turn can lead to …

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Sequential screening by ClonePix FL and intracellular staining facilitate isolation of high producer cell lines for monoclonal antibody manufacturing

G Roy, G Miro-Quesada, L Zhuang, T Martin… - Journal of …, 2017 - Elsevier

Screening and characterization of cell lines for stable production are critical tasks in identifying suitable recombinant cell lines for the manufacture of protein therapeutics. To aid this essential function we have developed a methodology for the selection of antibody …

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Rapid isolation of antigen-specific clones from hybridoma fusions

CJ Mann - Nature Methods, 2007 -

… The Genetix ClonePix FL is a powerful way to find and collect antigen-specific clones from hybridoma fusions in a rapid one-step process—shortening the process timeline and allowing parallel interrogation of multiple antigens in the monoclonal antibody discovery process …

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Using ClonePix FL To Assess Monoclonality

JF Burke, CJ Mann, S Jiang… - GENETIC …, 2009 - MARY ANN LIEBERT INC 140 …

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CHO-DHFR cell line development platform: Application of Clonepix and Automated Mini Bioreactor (AMBR) technologies to meet accelerated timelines

VR Mangalampalli, D Wycuff, M Chen… - BMC …, 2015 -

Background The Holy Grail sought by all Bioprocess Cell Line Development (CLD) groups is achieving high yields from easilycultured, robustly-growing cells in timelines measured in weeks rather than months. As the first bottleneck in process development, CLD must first …

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Rapid automated selection of mammalian cell colonies by cell surface protein expression

ENC Newman, D Whitney - Nature Methods, 2007 -

… Citation. Subjects. Abstract. Genetix's unique ClonePix FL technology uses our ability to grow mammalian cells into clonal colonies suspended in semisolid media, and image these colonies using fluorescence assays and markers …

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Regulatory perspective on the evaluation of clonality of mammalian cell banks

R Novak - CASSS CMC Forum 2017, 2017

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Screening and subcloning of high producer transfectomas using semisolid media and automated colony picker

S Dharshanan, CS Hung - Monoclonal Antibodies, 2014 - Springer

… 3.2 Sanitization and Calibration of ClonePix FL System. Diligently follow the instructions of the pre-programmed software in the ClonePix FL system. 1 … Sanitize the system with ultraviolet light for 10 min. 3.3 Selection of High-Producing Transfectomas Using ClonePix FL System …

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An improved clone selection method

U Jamnikar, M Blas, D Gaser… - Proceedings of the 21st …, 2012 - Springer

… In most cases there are no resources to isolate and analyze more than few 100 clones. ClonePix FL (CP-FL, Genetix) technology substantially increases the number of screened clones in the selected pool before expansion in microtiter plates … 1.2.1 ClonePix FL …

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Stem and iPS cell selection: quantitation of surface marker (SSEA1) and intracellular GFP

CJ Mann, ENC Newman, DJ Whitney, NJ Latchem… - Nature …, 2007 -

… The Genetix ClonePix FL technology, already established for the rapid one-step identification and isolation of hybridomas and cell lines for biopharmaceutical production, can be used to isolate and collect stem cells expressing specific cell surface and intracellular proteins …

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Number of Citations*: 472

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