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Phenotypic characterization of toxic compound effects on liver spheroids derived from iPSC using confocal imaging and three-dimensional image analysis

O Sirenko, MK Hancock, J Hesley, D Hong… - Assay and drug …, 2016 -

… Image Acquisition. Images were acquired using an ImageXpress Micro ® Confocal High-Content Imaging System (Molecular Devices), with a 20× Plan Fluor or 10×Plan Fluor objective. Typical image acquisition settings are …

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High-throughput imaging: Focusing in on drug discovery in 3D

L Li, Q Zhou, TC Voss, KL Quick, DV LaBarbera - Methods, 2016 - Elsevier

… IN Cell Analyzer 6000, GE Healthcare, Confocal (laser based). ImageXpress Ultra, Molecular Devices, Confocal (laser based). ImageXpress Micro Confocal, Molecular Devices, Confocal (LED based). Arrayscan XTI, ThermoFisher, Confocal (LED based) …

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Fragment screening at adenosine-A3 receptors in living cells using a fluorescence-based binding assay

LA Stoddart, AJ Vernall, JL Denman, SJ Briddon… - Chemistry & biology, 2012 - Elsevier

… Subsequently, a confocal imaging plate reader (ImageXpress Ultra) was used for automated capture of four images per well … CA200645 and YFP images were then obtained on the ImageXpress Ultra confocal plate reader after a further 30 min …

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Near-infrared fluorescent probe with remarkable large stokes shift and favorable water solubility for real-time tracking leucine aminopeptidase in living cells and in vivo

W Zhang, F Liu, C Zhang, JG Luo, J Luo, W Yu… - Analytical …, 2017 - ACS Publications

… Cell imaging was observed under an ImageXpress Micro Confocal analysis. In vivo imaging was obtained using a CRI Maestro small animal in vivo imaging system. Synthesis … After treatment, the images of cells were taken under an ImageXpress Micro Confocal analysis …

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Nephrotoxicity and kidney transport assessment on 3D perfused proximal tubules

MK Vormann, L Gijzen, S Hutter, L Boot, A Nicolas… - The AAPS journal, 2018 - Springer

… 555, and Alexa 647. Fluorescent images for the analysis of the protein expression after a toxicant exposure were taken with the ImageXpress® Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System (Molecular Devices). A z-stack of …

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Towards a therapy for Angelman syndrome by targeting a long non-coding RNA

L Meng, AJ Ward, S Chun, CF Bennett, AL Beaudet… - Nature, 2015 -

… 26 . For the high-throughput in vitro ASO screen, the plates were imaged with ImageXpress Ultra confocal system (Molecular Device) and then further processed with the MetaXpress software (Molecular Device). Typically 200 …

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Small molecule mediated proliferation of primary retinal pigment epithelial cells

JG Swoboda, J Elliott, V Deshmukh… - ACS chemical …, 2013 - ACS Publications

… DMSO (0.2% v/v) for an EdU proliferation assay. EdU-positive cells were quantified using high-content imaging (ImageXpress Ultra Confocal High Content Screening System). In non-proliferating RPE cells at passage 6, 25 …

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Screening for Cancer Therapeutics Using Spheroids: Implementing High-Throughput Confocal Imaging Using 3D Models

J Hesley, O Sirenko - Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 2016 -

… Imaging Spheroids. Spheroids were visualized using the ImageXpress ® Micro Confocal High-Content Imaging System at either 10x or 20x magnification. Confocal optics provide the ability to image a thinner optical section of the spheroid than widefield optics …

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Real-time monitoring of γ-Glutamyltranspeptidase in living cells and in vivo by near-infrared fluorescent probe with large Stokes shift

F Liu, Z Wang, T Zhu, W Wang, B Nie, J Li, Y Zhang… - Talanta, 2019 - Elsevier

… luminescence spectrometer. Cell imaging was acquired using an ImageXpress Micro Confocal analysis. In vivo … free probe. After treatment, the fluorescence imaging was performed using an ImageXpress Micro Confocal analysis. For the …

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Physakengose G induces apoptosis via EGFR/mTOR signaling and inhibits autophagic flux in human osteosarcoma cells

H Lin, C Zhang, H Zhang, YZ Xia, CY Zhang, J Luo… - Phytomedicine, 2018 - Elsevier

… The cells were observed under an ImageXpress® confocal microscope (Molecular Devices, USA). Annexin V-FITC/ propidium iodide (PI) double staining … An ImageXpress® confocal microscope was used to analyze co-localization. mRFP-GFP-LC3 transfection …

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Number of Citations*: 1120

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