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膜片箝 pClamp 采样软件中的 P/N 漏减分析

刘振伟, 刘传缋 - 生理学报, 2000 -

本文采用大鼠海马脑片盲法的全细胞记录技术, 研究了Axon 公司pClamp 采样软件Llampex 中P/N 漏减的功能意义和作用机制, 对P/N 漏减脉冲电流的采集以及漏减脉冲的时间, 极性, 箝位电压, 数目, 位置等参数的设置进行了详细分析. 结果表明, 在采集电压门控性离子通道电流 …

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The axon guide for electrophysiology & biophysics laboratory techniques

R Sherman-Gold - 1993 - Axon Instruments

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Analysis of P/N leak subtraction of pClamp acquisition software

ZW Liu, LJ Li, CG Liu - Sheng li xue bao:[Acta physiologica Sinica], 2000 -

Using blind whole cell recording technique on rat hippocampal slices, the function and mechanisms of P/N leak subtraction of Clampex program in pClamp acquisition software were studied. The ways of picking up sub-pulse current and properly selecting parameters …

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The role of the beta 4‐subunit in determining the kinetic properties of rat neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine alpha 3‐receptors.

RL Papke, SF Heinemann - The Journal of Physiology, 1991 - Wiley Online Library

… 1989). Digitized records were analysed using the pClamp software package (Axon Instruments), version 5.03 or later. The pClamp program fits event durationdistributions with a non-linear least-squares method using a Levenberg-Marquardt fitting algorithm …

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Na+ activation of the muscarinic K+ channel by a G-protein-independent mechanism.

JINL SuI, KW Chan, DE Logothetis - The Journal of general …, 1996 -

pCLAMP (version 6.01, Axon Instruments) software were used for data acquisition and data analysis, complemented with our own analysis routine … Single-channel records were analyzed using pCLAMP software, complemented with our own analysis routine …

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Brevetoxin-3 (PbTx-3) and its derivatives modulate single tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium channels in rat sensory neurons

G Jeglitsch, K Rein, DG Baden, DJ Adams - Journal of Pharmacology and …, 1998 - ASPET

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Inward-rectifying potassium channels in rat hepatocytes

RM Henderson, J Graf, JL Boyer - American Journal of Physiology …, 1989 -

… To generate step-type and ramp-type changes in hold- ing potential, the pClamp software system (version 4.05; Axon Instruments, Burlingame, CA) was used in con- junction with a Tecmar TM40 Labmaster AD/DA board and an IBM XT 286 computer …

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Vinpocetine is as potent as phenytoin to block voltage-gated Na+ channels in rat cortical neurons

P Molnár, SL Erdő - European journal of pharmacology, 1995 - Elsevier

… Whole-cell currents were recorded with an Axo- patch 200A amplifier using the pClamp 5.5 software (Axon) … 2.3. Data analysis The peak amplitudes of the Na + currents evoked by the voltage steps were measured using the pClamp 5.5 program …

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On the excitatory effects of ATP and its role as a neurotransmitter in coeliac neurons of the guinea‐pig.

EM Silinsky, V Gerzanich - The Journal of Physiology, 1993 - Wiley Online Library

… Single channel currents were stored on videotape or computer (pClamp), played back and refilteredfor analysis at 1-2 kHz (-3 dB, 4 pole Bessel), sampled at 4-8 kHz, and analysed using pClamp software 199 Page 4. EM SILINSKY AND V. GERZANICH (Axon Instruments) …

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Comparison of the action of two protein kinase C activators on dihydropyridine-sensitive Ca2+ channels in neonatal rat ventricular myocytes

QY Liu, E Karpinski, PKT Pang - Biochemical and biophysical research …, 1993 - Elsevier

… The data were sampled using pClamp software (pClamp 5.5) and a Labmaster analog-to-digital interface (Axon Instruments). Analysis was also performed using the pClamp software … On-line leakage subtraction was implemented using the PIN protocol in pClamp software … 

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