SpectraMax QuickDrop Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer

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ß Lactamase Inhibitor Protein Binding Affinities

M Hanes, T Handel

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Laboratory supplies: instruments, equipment, consumables

A Scientific -

… Bio-Strategy has multiple solutions for the food industry The SpectraMax® QuickDrop™ is a Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer from Molecular Devices used to quantify very small amounts of sample. With an accurate path length, results are fast and reliable …

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B Matei, CF Diguţă, O Popa… - The Annals of the …, 2018 -

… The DNA purity has been determined with a SpectraMax® QuickDrop™ (Molecular Devices) Further, conserved region of yeast have been amplified with universal primers (ITS 1: 5´- TCCGTAGGTGAACCTGCGG-3´ and ITS4: 5´-TCCTCCGCTTATTGATATGC- 3´) by the use of …

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Testing of some DNA isolation methods from the ruminal fluid

C Voaides, CP Cornea, S Toma - Archiva Zootechnica, 2017 -

… DNA was visualised in UV (UVP BioDoc-It™ Imaging Systems). DNA purity (A260/A280 ratio) and quantity analysis were performed with a SpectraMax QuickDrop Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer (Molecular Devices) using the manufacturer instructions …

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Molecular characterization by PCR-RFLP of indigenous fungal isolates from hypersaline stream water in România

CF Diguță, IG Proca, Ș Jurcoane, F Matei - Folia microbiologica, 2018 - Springer

… The DNA extraction of the frozen fungal biomass was performed by the use of ZR Fungal/Bacterial MiniPrep™ Kit (Zymo Research, USA), ac- cording to the manufacturer's instructions. The DNA purity was determined with a SpectraMax® QuickDrop™ (Molecular Devices, USA) …

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CDKL1 promotes the chemoresistance of human oral squamous cell carcinoma cells to hydroxycamptothecin

K Li, Z Meng, L Jiang, C Xia, K Xu, D Yuan… - Molecular and cellular …, 2019 - Elsevier

… The RNA quantity and purity were determined spectrophotometrically on the SpectraMax ® QuickDrop™ system. RNA (500 ng) was reverse-transcribed into cDNA using HiScript II Reverse Transcriptase (Vazyme, Nanjing, China) according to the manufacturer instructions …

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Novel Genetic Variants of Sporadic Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) in a Chinese Population Identified by Whole-Exome Sequencing (WES)

Y Liu, Y Cao, Y Li, D Lei, L Li, ZL Hou… - … medical journal of …, 2018 -

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The Ameliorative Effects of the Ethyl Acetate Extract of Salicornia europaea L. and Its Bioactive Candidate, Irilin B, on LPS-Induced Microglial Inflammation and MPTP …

J Kim, G Karthivashan, MH Kweon, DH Kim… - Oxidative Medicine and …, 2019 -

… Technologies, Carlsbad, CA, USA), as per the manufacturer's instructions. Total RNA isolation was quantified using the SpectraMax QuickDrop (Molecular Devices, San Jose, CA, USA). Initially, 2500 ng of total RNA and the GoScript …



Effects of carbon source, C/N ratio, nitrate, temperature, and pH on N2O emission and functional denitrifying genes during heterotrophic denitrification

YY Lee, H Choi, KS Cho - Journal of Environmental Science and …, 2019 - Taylor & Francis

… to the manufacturerse instructions. DNA samples were eluted in 50lL elution buffer and quantified using SpectraMax QuickDrop Spectrophotometer (Molecular Devices, San Jose, CA). Quantitative analyses from the eluted …

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DNA Authentication of St John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum L.) Commercial Products Targeting the ITS Region

C Howard, E Hill, M Kreuzer, P Mali, E Masiero… - Genes, 2019 -

… pH 8.0. The resulting libraries were quality controlled using SpectraMax Quickdrop, Qubit HS dsDNA kit and were then run on Bioanalyzer with a HS DNA chip, after being diluted to approximately 1 ng/µl. Using these findings …

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