July 2019 Newsletter

[Coming Soon] FLIPR Penta System

Powered by a new, High-Speed EMCCD camera option, the new FLIPR® Penta System can capture up to 100 measurements per second, providing detailed information about cardiomyocyte or neuronal oscillation.

Together with the new ScreenWorks® Peak Pro™ 2 software analysis module, you can flag compounds that cause waveform irregularities that may indicate risk for arrhythmia, seizures, or other toxicity effects quickly and without having to export data.

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[NEW] Application Spotlight

Multiplexed automated imaging assay for cardiotoxic compounds

There is an increased need for expanding the variety and complexity of cell-based assays for biologic research and drug discovery. Stem cell-derived cells and tissues have become an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional in vitro and in vivo testing in pharmaceutical drug development and toxicological safety assessment. Learn how we used human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived cardiomyocytes to develop functional and morphological readouts for testing effects of different compounds in a multi-parametric assay format.

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[NEW] Poster Spotlight

Multi-parametric assessment of compound-induced pro-arrhythmic effects in human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes

Development of biologically relevant and predictive cell based assays for compound screening and toxicity assessment is a major challenge in drug discovery. We developed the methods and demonstrated feasibility of the iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes for evaluation of compound effects and potential cardiotoxicity.

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eBook Spotlight

Stem cell imaging

Stem cells serve as more reliable models to identify and confirm new drug targets and generate pharmacological and toxicological breakthroughs with strong potential to translate to a clinical setting. The application of stem cells in drug development also creates a path to personalized medicine, while at the same time reducing, or even potentially replacing animal testing. Our eBook highlights different stem cell applications and the tools to transform your data into unique biological insights.

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Citation Spotlight

Citation: Ability of γδ T cells to modulate the Foxp3 T cell response is dependent on adenosine

See how the SpectraMax iD5 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader was used to read fluorescence activity.

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Congress of European Microbiologists
July 7-11, 2019
Glasgow, Scotland

LabDays Aarhus
September 11-12, 2019
Aarhus, Denmark

Booth #9
September 17-19, 2019
Boston, MA USA

September 24-27, 2019
Basel, Switzerland
October 1-3, 2019
San Francisco, CA USA

Advanced Analytical Technologies for Proteins
October 2-3, 2019
Romainville, France

Stockholm LabDays
October 2-3, 2019
Stockholm, Sweden

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