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What you will find in this guide

This guide serves as an information and data resource for electrophysiologists. It covers a broad range of topics ranging from the biological basis of bioelectricity and a description of the basic experimental setup to a discussion of mechanisms of noise and data analysis.

The Axon Guide Fourth Edition is a tool benefiting both the novice and the expert electrophysiologist. Newcomers to electrophysiology will gain an appreciation of the intricacies of electrophysiological measurements and the requirements for setting up a complete recording and analysis system. For experienced electrophysiologists, we include in-depth discussions of selected topics, such as advanced methods in electrophysiology and noise.

Table of contents

  • 1. Bioelectricity
  • 2 The Laboratory Setup
  • 3. Instrumentation for Measuring Bioelectric Signals from Cells
  • 4. Microelectrodes and Micropipettes
  • 5. Advanced Methods in Electrophysiology
  • 6. Signal Conditioning and Signal Conditioners
  • 7. Transducers
  • 8. Laboratory Computer Issues and Considerations
  • 9. Acquisition Hardware
  • 10. Data Analysis
  • 11. Noise in Electrophysiological Measurements
  • Appendix A: Guide to Interpreting Specifications
Electric Circuit
Glass Microelectrodes
Aperture Formation in Plastic cup
Pre-Treatment of Muscle Cells


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