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Optimized workflow for rapid identification of neutralizing antibodies against viral particles

Key highlights:

  • CloneSelect™ Single Cell Printer for gently depositing a single cell into a well with the entire cell deposition process imaged and time-stamped
  • Combined Single Cell Printer and CloneSelect™ Imager workflow to provide high assurance of monoclonality in a single round of cloning
  • The single cell deposition- and outgrowth-efficiency comparisons using single cell printer, flow cytometry and limiting dilution
  • ClonePix™ with monoclonality assurances provides a complete automated workflow for screening tens of thousands of clones while including confirmation of clonality
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Gain deeper insights into cellular 3D structures with water immersion objectives

This presentation details how high-performance water immersion objectives on the ImageXpress® Micro Confocal system facilitates these growing demands by enhancing the resolution, sensitivity and throughput for a variety of complex 3D cell-based assays.

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Expanding Assay Applications with Multi-Mode Readers from ELISA to AlphaScreen

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, TRF, FP, and AlphaScreen
  • What are common assays for each read mode
  • How to detect varying levels of Insulin in Type I Diabetic Patients’ pancreatic beta cells
  • How each multi-mode microplate readers can fit your lab's specific needs
  • How SoftMax Pro GxP Software can be utilized to achieve data compliance in GLP/GMP labs
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An AI-based approach to phenotypic characterization of neuronal cells

In this webinar, we demonstrate a workflow, which integrates the ImageXpress® Micro Confocal system with the AI-based Genedata Imagence platform to analyze neurotoxicity in human iPSC-derived neurons.

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Bien démarrer avec l'imagerie de modèles cellulaires 3D

Comment obtenir de nouvelles informations à partir de modèles cellulaires 3D rapidement, facilement et à moindre coût

Objectifs d'apprentissage:

  • Comment sélectionner le bon modèle cellulaire et commencer rapidement, et à moindre coût
  • Comment configurer des modèles de tissus organotypiques 3D avec l'OrganoPlate®, et les évaluer avec des analyses pertinentes
  • Comment configurer facilement votre workflow d'imagerie à l'aide du système ImageXpress Pico
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