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We are removing early stage hurdles to fast-track biologics development

  • Innovation permanente

    As a trusted scientific partner, we find solutions to research challenges and workflow bottlenecks. Our products span multiple platforms, including analytical instruments and software, clone picking and imaging, and automation.

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  • De nombreuses histoires à succès dans les publications

    ForteBio systems have become indispensable tools in academic and biopharmaceutical research, from characterizing binding interactions and specificity to engineering proteins and antibodies.

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  • World Class Service plans

    Les plans de service complets incluent la validation et la maintenance préventive qui permettent de réduire vos coûts d’exploitation et d’optimiser la productivité de votre laboratoire.

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Integrated Solutions for Early Stage Biologics Development

Our best-in-class technology platforms encompass workflows from antibody discovery and cell line development through to biomolecular analysis of the biologic product. By focusing on early-stage biologics development, we have built up scientific expertise for solving customers’ challenges and offer a single-point interaction for sales, service, and support.

12 août 2019

ForteBio introduces high precision Octet system biosensor for process development rigor

10 juin 2019

Jubilant Biosys is first to add ForteBio's latest SPR System in India, for fragment screening and characterization of lead compounds

27 mai 2019

Molecular Devices and cytena expand their partnership to include new CloneSelect Single-Cell Printer products

2 oct. 2019

Advanced Analytical Technologies for Proteins

24 oct. 2019

Annual Cell Culture & Bioprocessing Congress

5 nov. 2019

BioProduction at CPHI Worldwide